• Mconf Web Conferencing System - 1.1

    Mconf Web Conferencing System - 1.1


    The course aims to familiarize the participant with the Mconf web conferencing system. It is intended for all people interested in video conferencing through the web browser. Some applications are:

    • Distance Meetings
    • Event Transmission
    • Defense of Theses and Dissertations
    • Recording of presentations

    There are several video tutorials made available along with the course. It is recommended that they be assisted before or in parallel with reading the text, to expedite learning.

    As it is a practical course, it is essential that the participant takes the course with a browser and a room of the Mconf system open. The evaluation questions seek to evaluate the understanding of the system, which is strengthened by its practical use. Some questions are "hands on", where the participant is expected to perform the challenges to get the answer.

    The course is divided into three modules that follow a sequence. However, if the participant is seeking specific knowledge, there is the freedom to access a particular point directly, without having to perform sequentially. In this way, the course can be used in the traditional way, being carried out sequentially, but can also be used as a reference guide, where the desired point of doubt is directly accessed.

    Attention! This MOOC does not provide any assistance from instructors or professors.
    Warning: this is a short course. Enrolling in this course does not mean that the student is connected to any undergraduate or graduate course at UFRGS, nor does he/she enjoy the rights of students regularly enrolled at UFRGS. UFRGS students should consult teachers to know if this course qualifies for complementary credits or if it is part of teaching, research and/or extension activities.